Workshop Update Issue 1

Lord Nelson in service at Parkway.
This weeks update looks at various jobs that have been under taken on Lord Nelson.
Quite a lot of work has gone into the locomotive so it will be simpler to list out what has happened.
- Her driving wheels have been re-profiled.
- The left hand cylinder has received a new piston head.
- The brake blocks on the driving wheels have been machined fitted giving them better braking power on the locomotive when operating light engine.
- New rubber diaphragms have been produced for the vacuum brake.
- New gauge glasses and O rings have been fitted.
- New disc brake calipers on the tender.
- The cab has been De-greased and received a general clean up.
-New piston gland packing has been put in.
Finally! A new whistle has also been added.
Not long after this work was completed Lord Nelson went out on a test run. We are pleased to say everything went well and the locomotive is once again back on the operating roster. I'm sure she'll be out pulling a train soon.

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