Come out of restrictions

Come out of restrictions

Coming out of restrictions at Eastleigh Lakeside Steam Railway

Stage 1 - Up until 23rd July.

We will continue to run as we are with no trains stopping at Monks Brook

Stage 2 - Saturday 24th July – Friday 6th August

Trains will start calling at Monks Brook Halt again.

Shop Closed

Guard will have to check tickets at Monks Brook

Stage 3 - Saturday 7th August – Sunday 8th August

Will be the same as Step 2, but we will open the shop for the sale of ice creams and toys etc.

Day Rover Tickets available.

Stage 4 - Monday 9th August – Sunday 15th August

At this point we will start to sell tickets from the Shop rather than the kiosk. Customers to come in and buy tickets.

Day Rover Tickets available.

Toilets re-open for public use.

If this works then this will continue for all the School Holiday.

Stage 5 – 4th September onwards

Trains set back to original configurations with 1st Class at the front and Std Class at the rear.

All point of sale in the shop and First Class and Standard Class Tickets will be available again.

Day rover tickets available.


Day Rover Tickets are 1 class (sit anywhere) Valid on day of issue only. Adults £15.00.  Child (2-15) £10.00


All these stages are subject to change depending on Government advice.


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