25th Anniversary Gala

22 Jul 2017

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd July.

Come and help us celebrate 25 years of trains running at Lakeside Country Park.

Day Rover tickets now available to buy online now Here!

For this very special event we are planning to have every available loco running at some point during the weekend.

The event will focus on our origional fleet of locomotives from the 1990's.
This will be Sandy River, The Monarch, William Baker, Sir Arthur Heywood and D1994.

All of the other locomotives will run in the order in which they arrived at the railway over the course of the two days.  Exact times and scheduling will be released soon.

On Saturday 22nd the last train of the day at 16:30 will be a 2 train parrallel run.  The trains will turn in the look at Monks Brook loop and then head back running parrallel.  Motive Power to be confirmed.

On Sunday the final train of the event will run at 16:30 and will be a double reverse run of the line.  Motive Power to be confirmed.

Further details will be released as soon as possible.

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